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Marcel Petit Comté Reserve +/- 500g

Marcel Petit Comté Reserve +/- 500g



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Comté Reserve: A Distinctive Culinary Heritage

Savour the rich depth and nuanced flavours of Comté Reserve, a premium cheese that embodies the essence of France's Jura region. Aged to perfection, this Comté Reserve offers a sophisticated palette of flavours, from nutty and creamy to fruity and complex, making it a cherished choice for cheese aficionados and culinary enthusiasts alike. Each wheel of Comté Reserve is a testament to the art of traditional cheese-making, matured with meticulous care to ensure a texture and taste that are unmatched in quality and character.

Key Features:

  • Superior Aging: Our Comté Reserve is aged for a minimum of 15 months, allowing its flavours to fully develop and mature, resulting in a cheese that is both rich in taste and velvety in texture.
  • Authentic Origin: Sourced from the pristine pastures of the Jura mountains, our Comté is made from the milk of Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows, ensuring a product of unparalleled authenticity and quality.
  • Complex Flavour Profile: With each bite, discover a symphony of tastes ranging from sweet and buttery to sharp and nutty, with hints of caramel and fruit that linger on the palate.
  • Versatile Culinary Use: Whether enjoyed on its own, melted in traditional dishes, or used as a refined addition to cheese platters, Comté Reserve enhances any culinary creation with its exquisite flavour.
  • Rich in Tradition: Produced according to age-old methods, our Comté Reserve celebrates the rich cheese-making heritage of France, offering a slice of history in every piece.

Why Choose Comté Reserve? Comté Reserve stands out for its exceptional quality and depth of flavour, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its versatility and complex flavour profile make it suitable for a variety of culinary uses, from enhancing the taste of simple dishes to starring in gourmet recipes. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated dinner party or indulging in a quiet, flavourful moment at home, Comté Reserve promises an unforgettable cheese experience.

Culinary Inspiration:

  • Elevate Your Cheese Board: Pair Comté Reserve with a selection of fruits, nuts, and honey for a balanced cheese platter that showcases its rich flavours.
  • Transform Your Cooking: Grate over warm dishes, such as risottos, pastas, or roasted vegetables, to add a luxurious, creamy texture and depth of flavour.
  • Classic Pairings: Enjoy with a glass of full-bodied red wine or a crisp white wine to complement its complex taste profile.

Experience the Legacy of Comté Reserve Our Comté Reserve is more than just a cheese; it's an expression of French culinary excellence and a tribute to the timeless tradition of cheese-making. With its rich history, distinctive taste, and artisanal quality, Comté Reserve is the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their culinary experiences. Indulge in the unique flavours of Comté Reserve and bring a touch of French heritage to your table.

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